Adelante Charter School: Effectiveness Survey for Families 2018-2019
The purpose of this survey is to allow you to give important feedback to the Board of Directors about your personal experience with Adelante staff and school operations. Please list specific examples of your experiences.

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The mission of Adelante Charter School is clearly communicated to families. *
The school is committed to academic excellence and provides an effective learning environment for every child. *
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The curriculum and teaching at Adelante reflect its commitment to developing bi-literacy and strong language skills in English and Spanish. *
There is a strong emphasis on the development of the full potential and well being of every student. *
I am meeting the school’s expectation for parent participation (5 hours per month). *
Comments for Curriculum/Mission:
The Director... *
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The Teachers... *
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The Office Staff... *
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Comments for Communication/Accessibility/Responsibility:
Director Effectiveness
The Director's leadership motivates and inspires all members of the school community.
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The Director is an effective role model in work habits and attitudes that represent the school's values.
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The Director is an effective communicator.
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The Director promotes the school's positive image by cultivating partnerships and alliances in the community and beyond.
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The Director encourages parent involvement in various ways.
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Comments for Director Effectiveness:
Safety/School Environment/Discipline:
Our school provides an effective learning environment for children every child. *
Elements of school life reflect the principles of equity, justice, respect and dignity of each individual. *
Safety concerns are promptly addressed. *
My child feels safe from verbal abuse, teasing, and exclusion. *
Behavioral Expectations are clear and consistent. *
Behavioral Problems are handled promptly and fairly. *
Comments for Safety/School Environment/Discipline:
The school maintains cleanliness, order, and appeal of facilities. *
There is an adequate level of resources and materials for the school. *
Comments for Facilities/Resources:
Overall, I feel that the school is improving and moving in the right direction. *
I have a positive association with the school and am pleased I have enrolled my child here. *
How does Adelante measure up to the expectations you have for it? *
What do you like most about Adelante? What are its strengths? In which areas could it improve?
Additional comments about the school:
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