PHX DW 2019 – Biomimicry Hike
Thank you for your interest in the Biomimicry Hike. We call it a hike, however, it is most often a leisurely stroll because there are so many fascinating things to see and learn. There will be time for those who want to get sweaty to run up the hill at the end :)

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions which will help us frame the hike to your needs. Once we get closer to the day, we will send you reminders and details about this event.

Thank you and see you outdoors very soon!
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Place of employment (studio, freelance, in-house, and etc) Please provide name of place if you feel inclined to share
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What area of design are you most interested in?
How would you rate your knowledge about natural strategies/Biomimicry in general?
How familiar are you with organisms in the Sonoran Desert?
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I am a certified Sonoran Desert Naturalist
What level of hiker or outdoor person do you consider yourself?
Anything else we should know about you before the hike?
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