UU’s past from A to Z
Join us every first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM for a series of PowerPoint lectures with short biographies of Unitarians and Universalists, one letter at a time. With this format, each talk stands on its own, but after a few talks you'll have a good overview of UU history.
The biographies are often funny, often inspiring, sometimes scandalous. Talks are organised into sections: Arts, Science, Government, Education, Religion, and (my favourite) Agents of Change. Within each section, we go from oldest to youngest by birthday, to get a sense of what happened when.
Each talk is about an hour, so sessions are about 90 minutes with discussion.
John has been collecting these stories for 7 years and has made it to letter K. He is going to make it exactly 26 talks by hook or by crook, but not one per letter; there are two talks for B, three for C, and so on.
October: A is for Amazing Unitarians
November: B is for Brave Unitarians
December: B is for Brilliant Unitarians
January: C is for Creative Unitarians
February: C is for Clever Unitarians
March: C is for Courageous Unitarians
April: D is for Dynamic Unitarians
May: D is for Dedicated Unitarians
June: E is for Exciting Unitarians
Contact: John Sproule johnsproule@firstunitariantoronto.org
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