Internship at Indiez
We're looking for 1 to 3 interns.

Our primary concern in hiring is to hire smart, friendly and driven individuals. We believe skills can be taught, decency can't. With that said, experience, skills and references are a major plus.

As we are an early stage startup, you will be expected to wear many hats. We expect dedication and reliability from any and every hire. Your performance will be measured by deliverables. We don't care how many hours you work and/or where you work them from (our office/your home/the beaches of Fiji), but we do care what you deliver.

The internship will last 4 months (ASAP - August), although specific dates are flexible, and will serve as a direct path to employment. Interns with lackluster performance will be let go while interns with outstanding performance will find themselves with an offer.

#1: Business Development Intern.

Preferably Undergraduate Business School/MBA students.

You will work directly with our VP of Business Development. Your primary tasks will be to accompany him to client meetings and calls and act as his notetaker. You may also be asked to attend some meetings and/or calls on your own as you learn our business. You will need to become intimately familiar with HubSpot CRM (client relationship management platform), so as to assist him in recording client interactions.

You will also act in part as his assistant, in areas like scheduling meetings with clients, answering email, monitoring/collecting analytics of marketing campaigns, etc.

#2 Growth Intern.

You will work directly with the head of our Growth Team. Your primary tasks will be to help him in scaling up operations in all areas (client-side, supply-side, internal). This will include tasks such as assisting in setting up social retargeting campaigns, reaching out to potential partners and handling some meetings, reaching out to journalists to schedule interviews, assisting in managing and communicating with exiting partners, etc.

You will also act in part as his assistant, in areas like scheduling meetings with clients, answering email, monitoring campaigns, etc.

This internship will include research as a major component.

#3 Content, Research and General Assistance Intern.

You will work directly with the head of our Growth Team and indirectly with our Social Media Manager and Content Writer. Your job will be primarily concerned with imagining, writing/editing and managing content in addition to helping with the work of our Content Writer. This includes our website, blog, ongoing marketing, social media posts, etc.

You should also be familiar with some graphic design, primarily for use in beautifying our social media posts and proposals to clients. You can also work with our website team in designing our site, if you would like.

“Indiez is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.”

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