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Grown Assed Rock Camp is a combination of program/fundraiser for Girls Rock Athens, Inc. The weekend day camp for adult women, trans and non-binary folx ages 18 and up is a condensed adult version of the camp programming provided for youth. The proceeds of the weekend camp’s tuition fees are used to fund Girls Rock Athens. No experience necessary and instruments are provided for the weekend. Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, but we need to receive your complete application and deposit in order to send you an acceptance letter. After receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation. Additional information about camp will be sent with acceptance letters.

WHEN: Grown Assed Rock Camp will be held Saturday May 25th through Monday (Memorial Day) May 27th, 2019.
Saturday May 25th, from 10am to 6pm
Sunday May 26th, from 10am to 6pm
Monday May 27th, from 10am to 9pm Camp goes until 6pm and is followed by a short break before a showcase later that evening.
Monday May 27th - Showcase location and time TBA. Showcase will be over by 9pm, the latest.
Lunch is provided each day.

WHERE: Within 15 minutes Northwest of downtown Athens, GA - more info provided with full tuition payment.

COST: A $25 non-refundable deposit towards your total tuition is due with your application. Tuition for the weekend is $200. If you recruit a friend you pay $150 each. Either of these amounts can be fundraised through your network of friends and family or you can choose to pay the full tuition on your own. For those who can afford to pay or are able to fundraise more, we encourage you to do so as this is a fundraiser for Girls Rock Athens! Whether you can raise $5 more or $5,000 more, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated! Please contact us with any questions or problems, we want you all to participate in this fundraiser!

FINANCIAL AID: No, Grown Assed Rock Camp is meant to be a fundraiser for Girls Rock Athens youth camp "We Rock Athens". However, you are able to fundraise the remainder of your tuition after your $25 deposit via your own fundraising page:

!!We will NOT be able to refund ANY amount raised through fundraising pages!!!

CANCEL: If you need to cancel, please notify us right away. If you have submitted your payment and would like a refund, you must cancel IN WRITING. If you cancel before May 1st, 2019 we will refund any direct payments made over your $25 deposit, any amount fundraised for your spot WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If you cancel after May 1st, 2019 we cannot refund your payment. If you have not paid in full by this date, you will lose your spot, as there are many other rockers who’d be happy to have it!

WAITLIST: If you didn’t get into this session we will keep a short waitlist in case there are any last minute cancellations. This list is only active for this year’s session and you will have to re-register next year.

QUESTIONS: Contact us at

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What is your first choice instrument for camp? * INSTRUMENT CHOICE: Just like with the youth, we do our best to help everyone get their first choice instrument, but that is not always possible, and sometimes campers will have to play their second choice instrument as a way to make cohesive bands. *
What is your level of experience with this instrument?
*Don't worry, there's no experience necessary to attend Grown Assed Rock Camp!
If you have played this instrument before, how have you learned to play it?
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What is your second choice instrument for camp? *
*We do our best to help everyone get her first choice instrument, but that is not always possible, and sometimes campers will have to play their second choice instrument as a way to make cohesive bands.
What is your level of experience with this instrument?
If you've attended a Girls Rock Athens program before, what instrument(s) did you play in your band(s)? Select all that apply
Do you plan to bring your own instrument to camp?
Instruments are provided but if you prefer to bring your own let us know. If so, under "other" please describe the make and model of your instrument (such as a Fender Telecaster Guitar, or an Epiphone EB-O bass).
Are you left or right handed?
What do you want to learn about music at Grown Assed Rock Camp? *Obviously you want to learn to play your instrument, but anything specific? What other things like types of music equipment, recording, how to book shows, special techniques, etc.? What do you want to know?
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What other topics do you want to learn about at Grown Assed Rock Camp? *Self-defense, promotions, band relationships, history of women who rock etc.? What issues are important in your life and in the world that you'd like to learn more about?
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Who is your biggest female, trans, and/or nonbinary role-model and why? *This could be anyone-- a musician, a politician, an artist, or even your mom!
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What other information would you like to share with us (about yourself or anything else!)?
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What size t-shirt may we order for you?
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Thanks for applying to Grown Assed Rock Camp-- we hope to rock with you soon!
You will receive a registration confirmation soon and you will be contacted regarding acceptance! Questions? Contact or leave a voicemail at 706 510-7095. We will get back to you as soon as possible . **IMPORTANT** Don't forget to include your $25 application deposit. We cannot consider your application until we receive it. Thanks!
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