Úterý Organ Masterclass 2020 (August 24-29, 2020)
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Please specify the institution and the study programme. A confirmation of attendance will be needed before the masterclass.
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Please specify the name of each musical school, the study programme and the year of completion. For courses and masterclasses, please state the lecturer and the location and year of the course.
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We need information about the age of the participants for the grant report.
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If accompanied by another person who is not a participant of the masterclass, please indicate her/his name and surname and the contact details (e-mail, phone). It is assumed that the date of arrival and departure and the first meal to be ordered are the same as for yourself (if not, please specify). Details concerning the payment for accommodation will be sent once the registration is closed.
Subsequent concert
(such as dietary restrictions or preferred roommate)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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