2016 Summer Circus Camp Registration
10 weeks of Summer Circus Camps

Summer Circus Camps with My Nose Turns Red offer your child the opportunity to run away and join the circus - without leaving home. Learn how to juggle, balance on the globe, roll in the German wheel, and learn the basics of creating a clown character. Our two-week intensive camps include unicycle and aerials. Camps are highly engaging, challenging youth to walk on the wire, balance on the rola bola, and build human pyramids. Campers play a wide variety of circus games that build teamwork and cooperation, trust and friendship. Boost your children’s self confidence and creativity in a safe and non-competitive environment. My Nose Turns Red camps are led by highly experienced, professional circus coaches and experienced assistant coaches. All camps end with a performance giving each child a chance to show off their newly learned circus skills.

One Week Camps

My Nose Turns Red offers half day circus camps for 4-7 year olds that run at the same time as the all day one-week camps. The 4-7 camps have own coach and special activities with circus equipment just for their size. 4-7 year old camps include stilt walking, tightwire walking, hooping, rolling globe and fun circus games.1-5 student ratio
One-week camps for ages 7 -16 include circus games, clown character development, and balance skills such as the rolling globe, rola bola, stilt and wire walking. Manipulation skills include juggling, hooping and diabolo. Each camp offers a highly active warm up that builds physical strength. Beginning German wheel is offered at the one week camps.

Two-Week Summer Circus Intensives with Aerials, German wheel, unicycle & more!

This summer My Nose Turns Red is offering three, two-week intensives. The first two-week intensives are for beginning/intermediate students and the third is for intermediate/advanced students. All three two-week intensives include aerial silks, unicycle, acrobatics, and German wheel. All camps end with an evening performance.
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