IMAN Clinic Address, Schedules and Contact information
To our bonafide IMAN Member Physicians, we are currently updating our list of clinics so that patients may be able to find you. Kindly update your clinic addresses, schedules and contact information below. All active members may also send their clinic schedules for posting for FREE at

Your Clinic schedules will be posted for free in our website:

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You can add as many address of the clinics and hospitals you are currently connected to. Kindly separate by pressing "Enter" 2x before adding the next address. Example: Rm 201, Department of Internal Medicine, Out-Patient Department, Philippine General Hospital, Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila. Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.
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Kindly inform us if you have any comments or suggestions to improve this directory of IMAN Doctor's clinic addresses, schedules and contact information. Shukran!
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