How Much To Make An App
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What type of app are you building? *
Apple iOS is a better choice to reach a more engaged user base. Android has a broader reach, however, particularly in emerging markets, like Asia and Africa.
Do people have to login? *
An email login is generally best to start with unless your app will have tight integration with services like Facebook or Twitter, in which case social login is better.
Do people create personal profiles? *
A profile means that some of the people that use your app will have to enter information about themselves that might be viewed publicly.
How will you make money from your app? *
Upfront cost is cheaper to build than in-app purchases but in-app purchase can produce higher returns if/when you have an engaged user base.
Does your app need to connect with your website? *
This means you'll need to make an API (or Application Programming Interface.) It's how all your friendly apps talk to each other.
Does your app need a Back-end?
The Back-end generally does all the heavy lifting for your App, hidden away from your customers. It is needed for any App that talks to a Remote Server.
Do you need Server and Hosting?
Any Application that involves a Back-end, need some sort of hosting. We work with most of the leaders in this space!
How nice should your app look? *
Custom gestures, custom buttons, and custom transitions will cost you — it's not cheap being pretty.
Do you need an app icon? *
Designing a quality app icon may typically consume a small chunk of your budget but will help you stand out in the app store and on the device.
Do you want your app to show advertisements? *
What languages does this need to support? *
What devices do you want it to support? *
Should your app be displayed in Portrait or Landscape form? *
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