Onboarding with A5 Interpreting
At A5 Interpreting, you will join a pool of reliable, professional interpreters, who strive for excellence and provide our clients with outstanding customer service in varied venues and locales throughout Oregon.

Please complete the following onboarding form.
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Please tell us a bit about your experience as a professional interpreter. How long have you been working, what types of settings, what do you feel are your strengths and areas of growth, etc.?
Please tell us about any experience you have working with DeafBlind individuals, ProTactile, etc.
(Hearing interpreters)
Please tell us about your experience working with Deaf interpreters.
Please share any information you'd like about your identities that come into play in providing services.

A5 Interpreting is committed to diversity and inclusion and always looks for ways to expand diversity in our interpreter pool to coordinate services in ways that honor consumer and interpreter identities and life experiences.
We service the entire state of Oregon. What city are you currently residing and how far are you able to travel for work?
Please list any college degrees, certifications, assessment results, or completion of training that you'd like to share.
Please list the names and either a phone or email address of three (3) professional references that we have permission to contact along with a brief description of what capacity you worked with each reference.
Please feel free to add anything else you would like us to know about you.
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