Hi everyone,
It is this time of the year...GOGBOT is coming! GOGBOT is a sexy cyberpunk fair, a unique festival full of surprises, an audiovisual adventure and we need your help to make it happen.

The theme of 2014 (Operating Manual for) SPACE SHIP EARTH is based on the ideas of the American architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller. (more info on the website)

Opening times (11-14 september 2014)
Thursday : 20.00 / 00.00
Friday : 12.00 / 00.00
saturday : 12.00 / 00.00
sunday : 12.00 / 18.00

location :
Enschede oude markt

Every Volunteer will work at least ONE shift of seven hours.
For working at the GOGBOT festival you will receive a Passe partout (a ticket which will give you the power to enter all the cool ATAK events and expos, during the festival), an official GOGBOT 2014 T-shirt, free meals and consumption coins. For every Extra shift you are willing to work, you will receive extra coins!

You are about to fill in the form to become a volunteer for GOGBOT (enschede). Thank you for your motivation and support. Please answer the questions with care and double check your availabilities before answering. When you receive your planning please send us a confirmation.
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Please note that you will not be scheduled for all shifts that you select - you are simply providing us with scheduling options for you. Volunteers are typically scheduled for two half-day shifts.
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you can decide from one to 4! One shifts is around 7 hours.
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We are trying to give you what you ask but it is not always possible. since most of the people ask for the bar, we'll have to pick by experience and reliability.
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