TusCon 44 Room Party Request Form
Room parties are defined as any open door party (e.g., party, group party, bid party, fan gathering, liquor sampling, filking, etc.), or a closed door party (by invitation only, involving six or more people).

Some basic rules:

1. Open door room parties *must* be located within the party block of the hotel.

2. All room parties (open or closed) must be pre-registered with TusCon Security (security@tusconscificon.com).

3. The cut-off date for pre-registering a room party is September 10, 2017. Please note that there are a limited number of rooms in the party block for open parties. These rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

4. If alcohol is present and/or being served the room owner and party sponsor will be held directly responsible for insuring all party attendees that are imbibing are of legal drinking age (see TusCon Convention Policy #2 at https://www.tusconscificon.com/policies.shtml).

5. All individuals present at room parties that are associated with the convention and getting hotel convention rates must be convention members.

6. Noise levels must be maintained within reasonable levels (no guest complaints).

Please contact TusCon Security (security@tusconscificon.com) for more details or any questions.

TusCon 44 Ticket Holder Name
You must be a registered member of TusCon (see item #5 above). Memberships may be purchased online at https://www.tusconscificon.com/registration.shtml. Your "Ticket Holder Name" can be found in your email from PayPal after purchase, or you can search for it at https://www.tusconscificon.com/search.shtml. Please remember that you will need to provide a photo ID matching the "Ticket Holder Name" to receive your badge at the convention.
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Name of Party Host
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Party Host's email address
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My hotel reservation number is
A hotel reservation is required before a Room Party Request can be accepted.
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Name of person listed on the reservation
Please give us the real name of the person listed on the reservation (no badge names, please!). This allows us to make sure the hotel blocks the room correctly.
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What type of party?
An "Open Door" party (e.g., party, group party, bid party, fan gathering, liquor sampling, filking, etc.), or a "Closed Door" party (by invitation only, involving six or more people).
Have you hosted a party at any recent TusCon?
Name of previous party and what year
(If several, just the most recent are fine>)
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Party Theme
Detailed description of the party - this information will be kept confidential and only used internally for room assignments.
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Party Info for the TusCon Newsletter
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I have other special requests not covered by this form
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