Y Be Fit Client Feedback Survey
As a Y Be Fit Participant, we value your feedback regarding your experience at Y Be Fit. We are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your responses will remain anonymous and will be viewed only by the Y Be Fit Directors. Please be as honest and thoughtful with your feedback as possible.
Y Be Fit was an effective tool in helping me accomplish my health-related goals. *
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Strongly Agree
On a scale of 0-10, how motivated were you in achieving your health related goals while participating in Y Be Fit? *
Not Motivated
Highly Motivated
In a sentence or two, please explain your rating to the previous question: *
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If weight loss was one of your primary goals for participation in Y Be Fit, how much weight did you lose?
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If you are BYU faculty or staff and have DMBA as your primary insurance, you will be eligible to participate again in three years. Would you like us to contact you when you are again eligible? If so, include your telephone number and e-mail.
You could participate again sooner than three years, but you would have to pay the full price.
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Which health coach did you work with the most during your participation in Y Be Fit? *
Write in the name(s) of the intern or interns (if more than one) that you worked with
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On a scale of 1-5 (1 being very poor, 5 being excellent), how well did your health coach perform in the following areas. *
Very Poor
Helping motivate you to accomplish your goals
Knowledge of the discussed topics
What improvements would you suggest to Y Be Fit? *
You can enter in any additional thoughts about the staff or program here.
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When did you begin the Y Be Fit Program?
Approximate dates are fine.
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When did you finish the Y Be Fit program?
Approximate dates are fine.
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If you have problems with or questions about this survey, please e-mail ybefitdirectors@gmail.com. Thank you!
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