Thank you for your interest in a CARD's Youth Sports League.

You can waitlist your player by filling out the below questions. There is no guarantee of getting into the program if you are on a waitlist however, the earlier you get on the waitlist, the better probability you have of getting into the program.

We will evaluate the waitlist on a daily basis and will get in as many kids as possible based on opening on teams, and currently registered people withdrawing from the program once it starts (ie: a current registered player has another commitment come up, gets injured, is not longer interested in the program, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I’m placed on the waitlist? If you are placed on the waitlist because you registered after the program deadline, CARD staff will determine if there is available space after forming the teams and game schedules. If you are placed on the waitlist because the program is full, you will only be allowed in the program if another participants drops from the same program, in which you will fill their spot.

If you are pulled from the waitlist, a CARD staff member will email you and you will be required to come into the CARD office to complete registration. If you do not register by the deadline given by the CARD staff, you will automatically lose your spot and we will call the next person on the waitlist. You are not officially in the program if you are on the waitlist, and may not participate in the program while on the waitlist.

How long am I on the waitlist? The waitlist is maintained for two weeks after the start of the program. Please be assured that if space is available, we will contact you. There is no need to call the CARD office to check on your waitlist status. If you are not contacted within two weeks of the start of the program, you unfortunately did not get into the program.
Player's last name: *
Player's first name: *
Player's gender: *
What grade is your player currently in? *
What school is your player currently attending? *
1st-5th Grade ONLY: Are you willing to volunteer coach?
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6th-12th Grade ONLY: What size jersey does your player wear?
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How would you rate your players skill level for the sport you waitlisting for? *
1 is a brand new player that has never played sports before. 5 is a player that have club/travel team experience and has played for several years.
New (never played sports)
Amazing (club/travel team player)
What position is your player most comfortable in? *
If the team that has people from your school is full, is your player willing to play on a different team if a spot becomes available? *
Please note that if your child is willing to play on any team (with players from different schools), your chances of getting in the program increase significantly.
Parent/Main Conact's name: *
Please include first and last name.
Best email to reach the player's parent/main contract: *
Waitlist correspondence is done through email at the address given below. Please make sure you check your emails regularly.
Best phone number to reach the player's parent/main contact: *
Is there anything else you would like us to know? Please note that we are not able to accept buddy or coach requests for people off the waitlist.
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