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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our beautiful greyhounds. To help us get to know
you a bit better and find a dog that would be a good fit with you, your family and your
lifestyle, we have some questions we need to ask.
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Who else lives in your home, and what is their relationship to you (please include children, including their ages)?
What does a typical week look like for your family? What are your typical work / school / social patterns? How often will a dog be alone and how long at a time?
Do you and your family have previous experience with dogs/ rescue? Tell us about it.
Do you currently have any other pets? How are they with other dogs (e.g. if you have a cat, does it have experience with dogs? Is it more likely to stand its ground or run?)?
Do you live in a house, apartment, townhouse, or other?
Are there any stairs in your home? How many, what type?
Do you need / have strata and / or landlord approval to have a dog?
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Do you have a balcony, garden or courtyard, and if so, is it securely fenced? How high are the fences?
Where will the dog be when you are at home and when you are not at home? Where will the dog sleep at night?
Are you enquiring about a particular dog?
If so, would you consider a different dog?
What else should we know that would help us find the perfect dog for you? (e.g. temperament, gender, colour, etc. Note: Be as open as possible, as otherwise the waiting time will be much longer)
What's your adoption time line? When could you start a trial and do you have any holidays planned in the next few weeks/months that could affect your adoption journey?
A greyhound will be placed into your home directly from the racing kennel. With our support you will help the greyhound adjust to pet life and, if the stars align, will adopt him/her. (Or alternatively, we find another furever family for him/her)

This is not available to homes with cats (unless you have a lot of experience in introducing greyhounds to cats and are able to separate them if needed)
Would you consider a "Foster to adopt"?
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