Convicted Printing - Podcast Application & Marketing Permission Form
Thank you for having interest in our podcast! This form is an official application to be interviewed on the podcast as well as a release form giving Convicted Printing permission to market you and and the podcast in any way Convicted Printing deems appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to: printable medias, social medias (such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.), website(s), etc.

Please note, many questions below are optional, but the more information you are able to give us, the better we are able to promote you and connect you with others.

Submission of this form gives Convicted Printing full permission to market and advertise any video/audio/printed content with your logo/pictures/videos that you submit regarding the podcast, specifically through this form and any external written communication (emails).

Our goal is to add value to the music industry as a whole (from beginner to professional levels), while increasing attention to the bands and companies interviewed.

If for any reason there are any details or moments within the podcast that need dated releases (example: perhaps we agree on releasing a podcast during a specific month due to a music video release) or to be removed, we will need a brief, detailed written explanation written to in order to adjust accordingly if necessary.
Contact First Name *
Contact Last Name *
Artist / Band / Company Name *
Contact or Company Email Address *
Contact Phone Number *
We may text you information as needed.
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A link to your logo *
Preferably PNG, PSD, or AI. The link can be Dropbox or Google Drive. Please make sure the link is shared so that anyone with access to the link can view/download the contents.
A link to promos, live shots, or other photos we could use to market you with the podcast. *
Preferably 7 different pictures (can be of individual members, full band, or company products). The link can be Dropbox or Google Drive. Please make sure the link is shared so that anyone with access to the link can view/download the contents.
A Link to a Downloadable Video You Would Like Us to Advertise on the Podcast (NOT A YOUTUBE LINK)
This could be a music video, promo video, company video, etc. This is optional, but could be very beneficial in promoting your brand. For assistance in making the downloadable link, try: Please make sure the link is shared so that anyone with access to the link can view/download the contents.
A Spotify Link to ONE song you would like promoted
If applicable. This link should be to one of YOUR songs.
Website Link
Twitter Page Link
Merch Link
If you are selling items online, where can people find your merchandise? Examples:
Please briefly describe your experience level in the music scene. - Band/Company Bio *
Example: If you are in a band, please describe how much tour experience you have, along with any other experience you believe is noteworthy. If you are a music related business, please briefly describe your business and how long you have been operating in the music field. This is your opportunity to share your bio with others, highlighting some of the things you are proud of.
What are 3-5 things you would like to bring to the conversation? *
This answer will be used in the Convicted Podcast Blog. Examples can include things like: 3 ways bands can be more prepared to go to the studio. Or 4 ways bands can build better relationships with their fans at each show. Or 5 ways band members can self care while they are on long tours. Write out what those 3-5 things would be similar to a blog post (do not worry about it being perfect). Please feel free to keep the conversation to whatever you would feel comfortable and confident bringing to the table. This podcast is all about giving value to the listeners and helping everyone to become better at what they do in the music scene and as people. Your answer here will most likely be used as a discussion topic during the podcast.
How will you share and promote the interview? *
This podcast is designed to create shareable, relatable, and value adding content for all parties involved. With that in mind, please share with us how you plan on using the interview content produced by Convicted Printing to empower the creative endeavors of your own fan base.
How did you find out about the podcast? *
IF you were referred by someone, who referred you?
Please include name, band name, or company name if applicable.
Digital Signature - Content Permission *
Please type your first and last name as a "digital signature," acknowledging that Convicted Printing is allowed to use your answers, submissions, logo(s), picture(s), video(s), etc. that you have given throughout this form. For a fuller explanation, please review the top paragraphs on this form. If you have any questions, please contact prior to submitting your application.
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