Student Weekly Evaluation
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General Information
Student Name: *
Employer: *
Training Supervisor: *
Training Dates
From: *
To: *
Students shall be evaluated on a scale of 1 thru 10 with the following values.
10                Proficient
9                Above Average
8                     Average
        7                     Below Average
        6 and below   Unacceptable Performance
Attendance Rating: *
Deduct 2 points per day absent.
General Attitude Rating: *
Toward work assigned, superiors, others, etc.
Quality of Work Rating: *
Consider age, length of time in program, etc.
Quantity of Work Rating: *
Consider age, length of time in program, etc.
Appearance Rating: *
Observes good personal hygiene.  Compare with standards in the work setting.
Dependability Rating: *
Can student follow instructions and manage time adequately?
Skill Level Rating: *
Does the student do work with accuracy, knowledge of vocation?
Resourcefulness Rating: *
Shows initiative and a desire to learn, plans work accordingly.  Is the student prepared for work?
Employability Skills Rating: *
Honest, enthusiastic, confident, loyal, good communication skills, works well with others.
Safety Rating: *
Does the student follow all safety rules, proper use of tools and equipment.
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