Because of this well known virus that was keeping us in our homes and countries we were all challenged to search for new opportunities in all kind of activities.
Sweden was already a pioneer in organizing online bibliodrama.
But now in a lot of other regions people also thought about it or even started to experiment with it.

In an online meeting with bibliodrama people from different countries we took the initiative of trying to connect these online bibliodrama people in one or more exchange moments.
This is an invitation for joining this online meeting.
If you are interested, please fill in the form.
Depending the number of people, we will try to find a meeting moment.
We will see what happens.
it would be so nice if we could find a way to put our experience together and the share the treasures existing spread over Europe.
Please feel free to send this form to whom it may interest.
I would like to have your answer before June 16th.
So that we can organize a meeting before the big summer break.
Warm greetings Jes Bouwen, Het Leerke , Belgium

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What is your bibliodrama background? Experience? training ?
In what context to you use bibliodrama?
What is your experience with online bibliodrama?
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For the exchange moment. What are you looking for? Ideas, technical aspects, how to do it before, during and after...
For the exchange: which moment of the day/week is the most convenient for you?
What question do you want to ask?
What do you have to contribute in the meeting ? What is your input?
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