Dividing Up Western Lands Submission Form
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1. Which of the following laws helped divide up western lands in places like Ohio for orderly settlement? *
2. The law above divided western lands into which of the following? *
3. Which of the following best describes the size of a "township?" *
4. How many "sections" were found in each township? *
5. The 16th section of each township was reserved for which of the following? *
6. Which of the following best estimates the size of an "acre"? *
7. How much money did an acre of land cost in the west? *
8. Which of the following laws created a process for adding new states to the United States? *
9. A piece of land which is part of the United States but is not a state is known as? *
10. Which of the following was a state created within the Northwest Territory? *
11. Settlers in the Northwest Territory enjoyed which of the following rights? *
12. Copy and paste the questions and your answers from #5 in part 2 of the assignment about the Land Ordinance of 1785 from your livebinder into the box below: *
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13. Copy and paste your vocabulary and definitions from part 3 of the assignment from your livebinder into the box below. *
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