Spree WM 2020
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Please confirm whether your Group will require Camping, Tented Villages or Pods for their accommodation. If your Group are attending only as Day Visitors, please select this option.
Completing this form
1. Once your church/group has decided to come to Spree WM 2020, this form should be completed by the group's Main Leader – this is the person who will be looking after the booking and dealing with all the correspondence relating to Spree WM.

2. The data provided will be used for safeguarding purposes and for use in processing your group attending Spree WM. It will be held by Urban Saints in accordance with current GDPR legislation. You may view Urban Saints' Privacy Policy here: www.urbansaints.org/privacypolicy

3. Once we have processed this form (which may take several days) we will send you a link to your groups' online Spree WM 2020 Booking Form.

4. You will need to have set up a Google account BEFORE completing this form so that you can let us know your Google account login email address – you will need this to be able to access the Booking Form for your group.

5. Partly-completed forms CANNOT be saved so please read through and ensure you have all the required information to hand before starting.

6. Questions that are compulsory are indicated with a red asterisk.
SECTION 1 - your details
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SECTION 2 - complete this section only if your church/group DOES HAVE an Energize Plus* subscription with Urban Saints.
* i.e. you access the Energize website AND Urban Saints provides all your DBS checks and Public Liability insurance.
Your Church/Group's Energize Plus subscription name:
As an Energize Plus subscriber, Urban Saints will be checking the DBS status of all adults you book in with your group and so the rest of the Form does not apply to you. Please note that EVERY adult coming with your group will need an Urban Saints' DBS. Once you have entered the group's name below PLEASE GO STRAIGHT TO SECTION 4.
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SECTION 3 - complete ALL of this section if your church/group DOES NOT have an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints.
In order to comply with Urban Saints' Safeguarding Policy regarding DBS checks at Spree WM, we require the safeguarding officer/lead in your church (or equivalent if you are linked to an organisation rather than a church) to agree to the Spree DBS Policy below for ALL those who will be aged 18 or over at the start of Spree WM and will be coming with your group. Please complete all questions below.
Spree WM DBS Policy
Please note that there are important amendments for 2020. In order to fully comply with this Policy and be permitted to attend Spree WM, groups/churches must ensure that:

1. Every person aged 18 or over at the start of Spree, and coming with the group to supervise or help look after children in any capacity, will have an Enhanced DBS Disclosure for working with children/young people obtained through the church/organisation, or if the Disclosures are obtained through the Diocese (or equivalent), that confirmation has been obtained that the person concerned has an Enhanced DBS Disclosure and meets all the requirements of this Policy. (If it will be difficult to obtain a DBS for an individual, Urban Saints is happy to help – please contact the Volunteer Support department on 01582 589850 well in advance of the event.)

2. Every DBS Disclosure is ‘clear’, i.e. ‘None Recorded’ appears in the sections on page 1 covered by the DBS checks*.

3. Every Disclosure will be less than three years old at the start of Spree WM. (Older DBSs are valid ONLY if the owner registered their DBS with the DBS Update Service and an Update Check is carried out by your church/organisation which shows there have been no changes since the DBS was issued. Urban Saints are permitted to carry out DBS Update checks and can do so on your behalf if required – contact the Volunteer Support department on 01582 589850.)

4. There are no reservations or concerns regarding the adults who will be attending.

* If a Disclosure is not ‘clear’ this may not necessarily preclude them from attending Spree. A decision as to whether the person may attend must be taken in consultation with Urban Saints’ Safeguarding Officer, who should be phoned on 01582 589850 during normal office hours.
Name of your church/group:
Please add the name of your town after the church/group name so that we can more easily identify you, (e.g. St Michael's Church, Anytown).
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Name of safeguarding officer/lead in your church/organisation
Please give us their title, full name and position:
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Contact email address for above person
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SECTION 4 - submit form
Please check all the information above is correct - especially email addresses - let us know below if you would like to be kept up to date with future plans for Spree WM and then click the SUBMIT button.
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