2022 Summit Staff Application
This application for Summit Staff is for High School students 16 years of age or older or 10th grade & up or College students.  Students must be positive, energetic, willing to be a servant, and responsible.  There will be a need for 10-12 staff at KBA Camp and 6-8 staff at each GCC week of camp.  Applications MUST contain a reference from a Pastor or Youth Pastor as well as two other references for a person to be considered.  Staff will receive a small honorarium of $50 for first-time staff and $75 for returning staff as well as attend camp for free.  They will receive "STAFF" shirts that are to be worn each day.  Lodging and meals will also be provided.  All Staff are required to stay the entire week.  Please do not expect to go home early.  We will start receiving staff application January 20, 2022.  Staff applications, Signed Applicant Statement and Contract Guidelines MUST be submitted by May 1, 2022 for you to be considered.  Thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a Staff for Summit Camps this next summer.  If you have any questions, you can contact Jeramie Simpson at 405-209-8194 or Darrell Haley at 405-863-5125.

Staff Responsibilities Can Include but are not limited to:

Help with registration and other duties at the Summit Camp Office.
Assist Recreation Directors in activities and set-up.
Maintain gate registration, if needed.
Assist students and Youth Leaders with general information.
Help with Kids' Camp for children.
Assist the Camp Counselor during services.
Help sell merchandise for Summit and Camp Personalities.
Adopt churches to minister to them for the week.
Help with set-up and take down of Camp each week.
Any other duties as assigned.

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 (This information will be held in strict confidence, but it is information we must be aware of.  Please answer with a yes or no.  For any "Yes" answer, please explain on the lines provided at the bottom of this section.  
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This year Summit is requiring all adults 18 or older attending camp to receive a background check every 18 months.  If you are over 18 and submit an application to be staff, we will send you a background check link that you will need to fill out in order for the background check to be completed to become a potential staff.
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The information that I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.  Upon receipt and evaluation of this application by Summit, I hereby release any individual, church, organization, employer, reference, or any other person or organization both collectively and individually from any liability for damages of whatever kind or nature which may result to me, my heirs, or family, on account of following or attempts to follow this authorization.  I yield any right that I may have to inspect any information provided about me by any person or organizer identified by me in this application.

As a worker at Summit, I agree to abstain from any unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the Camp.  I also agree to follow and obey the policies of Kiamichi Baptist Assembly, Green Country Camp and Summit Camps.


Applicant's Name:

Because Summit has asked you to represent them as a Staff for Summit Camps, Inc., we ask that you read the following Guidelines and sign the agreement at the bottom.

1.  Staff will exemplify a Christ-like attitude, behavior and represent Christ and Summit by following all KBA, GCC and Summit rules.  Please watch your words carefully and use words that edify and encourage especially in a tense situation.  If you see someone breaking a rule, ask a Summit Director to help with the situation!!!

2.  Staff are expected to eat meals with their assigned cabins or the cafeteria (whichever is applicable.)  If there is to be a change, Staff are responsible to notify the cooks of the cabin that is expecting them for meals.  It is important that you do this with a servant's heart.

3.  Staff will give their car keys to the Summit Office upon arrival.  Staff will not be allowed to drive on or off campus unless asked by the Camp Director or the Summit Secretary.  Keys will be returned at the end of the week as Staff return home.

4.  Staff will be supportive of others.  If there is a time when you have not been assigned a duty, please check with the Office and see if help is needed anywhere!  Always be in prayer for the staff, camp personnel, and workers.

5.  Because we know this is a ministry, we ask that our Staff work hard and to the best of their abilities.  The Staff depend on each other to complete each individual's duties.  If there is a problem with how a Staff completes their duties, the Camp Director will discuss the problems with them and determine whether the Staff should continue working.  All Staff are needed for the cleanup on Friday/Saturday morning at the end of camp as well as help before and after the Midnight Service.

6.  Staff will be expected to be on time for their assignments/duties.  If a Staff can't be at his/her assigned duty, he/she will notify the Camp Director and Secretary and a replacement will be found.  If a Staff doesn't complete his/her duty as assigned, the Camp Director will talk with them and if they miss their duties a second time, the Staff will be asked to return home without any honorarium.  All Staff are to attend the Staff devotions each evening as directed by the Camp Director.

7.  Drink lots of water.  It is available in the office at any time.  If you feel sick, please let the Office know!  Because a Staff's health is of utmost importance, the Staff are to abide by the curfew hours set by the Camp Director.  This is vital because each Staff needs to be rested to complete his/her duties effectively with ministry in mind.  Please be sensitive to those who are sleeping in the cabin.

8.  Staff are NOT to adjust their work schedule to their own personal desires.

9.  There will be absolutely NO Dating/Flirting with anyone while on Staff at the campground.  If the Camp Director has to correct a Staff concerning this, they will be asked to return home without honorarium.

10.  Staff that are working at Summit are expected to work the entire week.  Staff not staying the entire week will not be paid.  Each Staff has $3 a day at the concession stand at KBA or vouchers for the Sugar Shack at GCC.

Because I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and Summit Camps and desire to minister with Summit, I agree completely with these Guidelines and will do my best to be an effective minister.  (Your typed name is the same as your signature)

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