LVW Family Picnic - Sunday, July 5
LVW will end its 2021 "Return to the Streets" season with a family-style picnic following the parade in Racine. We would like to invite any family members that can attend. Following are a few details for the afternoon.

After the parade, the band will return to Shoreland Lutheran HS to change, shower, pack up and load. They will not be returning to Shoreland once they leave.

The band will then go to Petrifying Springs Park - Area 3, located at 5555 7th St, Kenosha, WI 53144. We have reserved this shelter for our final meal. It is only a short drive from the school. We hope to arrive there between 1:30 and 1:45 PM. We hope to serve the meal at approximately 2:00 PM.

Mr. Wordell has arranged for Trolley Dogs of Kenosha to provide some of the food for the picnic. LVW will provide chips, beverages, veggies, and fruit. Trolley Dogs will not serve family members early if you arrive at the park before the band arrives, so enjoy some quiet time as you wait for the band.

Trolley Dogs is most famous for their Chicago Style Hot Dogs. All of their hot dogs are Fresh Vienna JUMBO Dogs! For our picnic, they will serve them on a bun, and will provide the toppings for the traditional Chicago Dog that you will be able to put on yourself. Those toppings include Mustard, Tomato, Relish, Onion, Pickle, Sport Peppers, and Celery Salt.

LVW will pay for the members, directors, and volunteers that are with the band that day. All other family members will need to pay for their Trolley Dogs, which are $5 each, which includes tax. (The rest of the meal will be provided by LVW as mentioned above) Please bring CASH ONLY for the dogs. They will not have the ability to do credit card transactions at the shelter.

So that we can give LVW and Trolley Dogs an estimate of the number of people to plan for, please complete this form. For planning purposes, we would like the form completed by Noon on Friday, July 2.

DO NOT include LVW staff, directors, volunteers for the day, or LVW members in your total. We are already counting them!
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To help us figure bus transportation following the picnic - Your LVW members will be able to ride back on the buses, which will stop at WLHS, KML, FDL Kwik Trip, and FVL. However, some LVW members will be riding home with their parents following the picnic. If this is the case, please list the LVW members who will NOT be riding home on the provided transportation and will be riding home with parents.
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