Notes Music Studio Mini Musicians Class
Our early childhood introduction to music class help to encourage a love of music by exploring beat, tempo, and pitch, through fun games, engaging stories, body movement, and interactive songs which will help build a foundation for future music instruction.​

Playful, relaxed, social group setting

Introduces a variety of musical instruments

Classes begin the week of June 14th and include 4 classes for session 1. (ending the week of July 5th). Classes will be offered in person and virtually.

Classes begin the week of July 19th and include 4 classes for session 2. (ending the week of August 9th). Classes will be offered in person and virtually.

The class tuition is only $50 if registered before June 7th ($55 after), which includes 4 classes at 30 minutes each. If you want to sign up for both semesters before June 7th, the cost is $80 for 8 classes ($90 after).

Sibling Discount: any additional sibling(s) get $20 off their registration.

You may use your old set of instruments for this semester (yellow set if you've taken the class before). If you would like to purchase a new set of instruments, it is an additional $30 from the studio or you can buy it yourself here ( The YELLOW instrument set can be mailed to you anywhere around the United States if purchased directly through us. You can also rent a set of instruments for $15 (only available for local pick up).

YELLOW INSTRUMENT SET INCLUDES: (total tuition if you want to purchase instruments from the studio is $80 for everything, before June 7th or $85 after. Instruments can be shipped to you or ordered on your own.)

Wood Block
Tone Block
Rain Stick
2 Maracas
Finger Clappers
4 Shakers
Jingle Bell Stick
2 hand bells
2 Jingle Bells

See the instrument set here:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thank you!
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