CAMP Fellowship Application 2020-2021
The CAMP Fellowship and Dallas Kids First are seeking motivated individuals that are committed to engaging in Dallas ISD school board leadership and its impact on all Dallas kids having access to a high-quality education and equitable life opportunities. Unlike any other opportunity in the region, the CAMP Fellowship is a paid fellowship that focuses teaching participants about the impact of the political process on student outcomes and trains fellows on how to create and run successful local campaigns.

Previous campaign and/or education experience not required. The ideal candidate is motivated to deepen their understanding of Dallas education politics and/or has experience with elected officials, the public school governance structure, campaigns, and/or community advocacy.

TO APPLY: Please complete the questions and email current resume to by 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 1, 2020 NLT 11:59 PM


Limit responses to 150 words or less per a question.
Answer each question to the best of your ability.
Diversity of all experiences and backgrounds are highly valued.
Complete Reference Information
After you click submit, E-mail a Current Resume to

Please refer and questions to

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Current Occupation / Employer *
Preferred Phone Number *
In which precinct do you currently reside? *
If you are not sure, please go to the Dallas County website ( and look it up in the voter information section.
In which Dallas ISD School Board District do you currently reside? *
If you are not sure, please go to the Dallas County website ( and look it up in the voter information section.
Describe any past and/or present experience with campaigns, community advocacy, and/or elected politics. *
Why is education a significant issue for a major urban city like Dallas? Please note any personal experiences directly related to public education. *
What community do you live in? Describe your commitment to that community, and if possible specifically as it relates to education: *
Describe your plans for the next 3 years. What skills would you hope to acquire in the CAMP Fellowship, towards future goals? *
Identify one personal strength and one area of growth for yourself as a person or professional? *
Respond to the following statement: “All Dallas students deserve a quality education.” *
Is it more important to lead, to follow, or to serve? Where do you personally contribute the most to a team effort? *
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