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The Student Government Association (SGA) at Texas A&M University has established two annual awards for faculty members who go above and beyond in adopting and demonstrating exemplary usage of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in their classrooms or take an active role in the creation or dissemination of these open access materials. These awards seek to recognize faculty who promote or contribute to a culture of utilizing free academic resources and knowledge sharing in order to lessen the financial burden on students and overall cost of an receiving an education.

Open Educational Resources are defined as teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permissions for open use. Generally, this permission is granted by use of an open license (for example, Creative Commons licenses) which allows anyone to freely use, adapt and share the resource. More information on OERs can be found at:

The Open Education Champion award will be bestowed upon a faculty member at any level who demonstrates the most compelling and significant positive impact in areas related to OERs, with additional weight being given to actions which relate to the contribution to or utilization of the OAKTrust repository.* Examples include but are not limited to: (1) Public sharing of research, works projects, course notes, or other educational resources in Texas A&M's OAKTrust repository or elsewhere, (2) championing the goal of making use of free educational resources in locations or classrooms other than their own.

Award eligibility will be determined by the Academic Affairs Committee of Student Senate primarily through consideration of the following criteria: Quantity of Contributions, Quality and Depth of Contributions, Effect of Outreach and Actual/Potential Impact.

A maximum of one faculty member may receive this award every year, of any level, rank or title.

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students may nominate faculty for this award. Peer and self-nominations are accepted and encouraged as well.

*For more information about OAKTrust, see the following links: and

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Please elaborate upon, as specifically as possible, the total number of OER developed by the nominee. Additionally please note the location of these sources if possible. If nominee championed OER in a classroom other than his/her own, please describe the quantity of OER utilized because of the nominee's encouragement or championing of the cause. Example: "The nominee, in the past year alone contributed seven journal papers and an entire set of lecture videos that he/she made himself/herself for Algebra III topics. He/she stored these on OAKTrust as well as on YouTube. These videos were included in three Algebra classes taught this semester, at Xavier University, University of Houston-Clear Lake and West Texas A&M."
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Please elaborate upon, as specifically as possible, the subject matter depth or the overall quality of the OER contributed to open access sources by the nominee. If nominee championed OER in a classroom other than his/her own, please describe the quality and depth of OER utilized because of the nominee's encouragement or championing of the cause. Example: "The seven journal papers were all well over 30 pages long exploring seven distinct and groundbreaking new research topics in the field of Physics including [topic 1] and [topic 2]. The lecture videos went through every main concept in [textbook name] and provided detailed examples and FAQ for each section."
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Effect of Outreach: *
Please go into as much detail as you can to describe how the nominee was an effective champion of promoting the adoption of or contribution to OER within his/her department, College, University or even abroad. Include examples or specifics whenever possible. Example: "The nominee held a workshop in his department with well over ten faculty in attendance and explained the usefulness of OER, how he/she was using them in his/her classroom and the positive benefits of adopting [a particular textbook title here]. He/she did this five or six times over the course of the year and since then multiple other faculty in the department have began using OER in their classes too!"
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Actual or Potential Impact: *
Please go into as much detail as you can to describe how the nominees championing of OER has potential to make an impact or has already made an impact. Impact may be economic, educational or even cultural. Please rely on evidence or stated justification to explain potential or actual impact. Example: "The nominees contribution of the Algebra III videos have already gotten 600,000 likes and many positive comments. His/her students have responded very positively to them as well and are sharing with their friends who are taking the course with other faculty members! Furthermore, his/her journal article over [this topic] is receiving national attention and has inspired undergraduate research on the topic in France!"
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