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1. Name of Pupil (Initials to be given at the end) in Capital Letters
2 (i) Name of Father
2 (iI) Name of Mother
3 Occupation & address of parent or guardian
3 (i) Telephone No of the Father or guardian
3 (ii) Telephone No of the Mother or guardian
4 Name, address & occupation of local guardian in case pupil does not live with his / her responsible guardian & Telephone No
5 School previously attended with name in each ( Name of School, Standard, Date of Admission & Date of Leaving )
6 (i) Date of Birth
6 (ii) Date of Birth ( in Words )
6 (iii) Whether cerified extract from Register of births has been produced ( Vide Rule VII (1))
7 Age on date of application in words ( number of years and completed months should be given)
8 (i) Community and Religion
8 (ii) Sex
Clear selection
9 Nationality and State to which the pupil belongs
10 Does the candidate belong to the Scheduled caste or scheduled tribes or other backward communities or is he a convert from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribe?
Clear selection
11 Standard to which admission is sought ( in words)
12 Mother tongue of the pupil
12 (i) The language in which the pupil desires to be instructed
13 Number and Date of Transfer Certificate produced on admission
14 Annual Income
15 Personal Marks of Identification
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