Soda City Suds Week 2018 Event Submission
Please fill out the form with details for your proposed Soda City Suds Week event. Events will be evaluated for approval in the order they are received and you will receive notice by email when your event has been approved. Submitting this form does not guarantee your event will be accepted. To increase your chances of being approved, please be as flexible as possible to accommodate as many dates as possible or collaborate with other businesses. Collaboration for events is encouraged!

Event registration is $50, payable to Midlands Craft Beer Supporters, prior to event submission consideration. A refund will be issued for any events either not approved or canceled prior to the schedule release date.

For more information on event guidelines, please see our handy guide:

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Event Host General Guidelines
Thanks so much for your interest in hosting a Soda City Suds Week event! Below are some important guidelines and expectations we want to make you aware of.

All event attendees being served alcohol must be 21 or older.

Your business is responsible for all licensing, insurance, and legal obligations concerning your event. Note, in particular, the increased state attention towards beer-related events. Please ensure that your event is in compliance with the appropriate regulations, and that you have enough volunteers and equipment for your event, if needed.

Your business is responsible for all financial aspects of the event.

Please help us promote responsible drinking. If someone has over consumed, please make sure they have a safe ride home, and, suggest a cab service if appropriate.

You will receive promotional material for Soda City Suds Week which may include posters, table top promotion, coasters, and stickers. Please make sure the posters are prominently displayed in your business, table top promotion is displayed on tables, and use coasters and stickers appropriately to promote your event and Soda City Suds Week.

We will provide social media promotion guidelines for all approved events.
Please use these when promoting your event.

There may be up to nine (though 1-4 is more typical) Midlands Craft Beer Supporter Board Members or Ambassadors at your event. If we are able to attend, we will have an event check in and registration area, and may be giving out door prizes. This would require a table in a visible area. We will be identifiable by our T-shirts.

There may be a photographer at your event. You are welcome to share and use any photos taken at your event on your own social media, and please tag using Soda City Suds Week's official pages and hashtags.

Contact with any questions.

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If your event is outdoors, please provide a back up location or plan in the event of inclement weather.
Please note, if your event must be canceled during the week due to inclement weather, you will not receive a refund of your event registration fee.
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I have read, understand, and take responsibility as laid out in the Event Host General Guidelines above. *
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