Telegram stickers!
Before ordering, make sure you read my TOS:

These stickers are primarily for use on the telegram messaging app
but you can use them as reaction images on twitter, real stickers to slap on your fursuit boxes, printed and turned into moody badges, etc!
up to you :)
stickers can be sold individually or sold as a pack.
Stickers can be added to a pack later whenever I open again.
I will do meme stickers
If you would like more than one character in a pack, its an extra $5 for every extra character
(unless in the same sticker)

these are SFW ONLY!!!
I will also NOT draw: fetish art, diaper stuff, human feet, anything suggestive or drinking/smoking involving child characters, humans, drugs, porn, genitals, cars, anything shitty (like nazis)
I WILL draw: gore, suggestive expressions/themes, any animal, weapons

Fill out the form below.
You do NOT need to put all the details about what each sticker will be on this form, that can be discussed over email.
The main info I need on this form is amount of stickers to figure out cost, and basic invoicing information.

stickers below are my old style. current style is seen above!
a pack as it appears on telegram
Legal name on Paypal *
Name you would like to be called *
name of character/s *
Reference sheet(s) *
If you would rather email, please state below.
species *
How many stickers? *
any extras? (such as full body, backgrounds, second character) *
Any special notes?
Paypal email for invoice *
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another email, twitter, or telegram in case your email doesn't work
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