EDA NM Rainforest University Center Seminar - Strategies for Designing, Creating, or Renovating Your Business Model
Complete this assessment to receive credit for viewing the September 2, 2020 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "Strategies for Designing, Creating, or Renovating Your Business Model" by Susan Cornelius. Recordings and supplemental materials can be found at NMRainforest.com.
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What did Guy Kawasaki say about starting a company? *
What percentage of businesses in the U.S. are small businesses? *
What is the #1 reason why start-ups fail? *
True or False? Big breakthroughs require big resources. *
What is a business model canvas and what are its most important parts? *
Take some time to jot down ideas and important aspects of YOUR value proposition and begin brainstorming a business model *
How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect the business model canvas? *
Explain the importance of customer relationships & conducting customer interviews. *
List some strategies for conducting customer interviews now that everything has gone "virtual" *
List various online platforms where you can reach customers. *
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