Dear Ellington Alumni,

We want to Reconnect with you, Hear from you, and See you!

Ellington School of the Arts and the Ellington Alumni Association are partnering to update the alumni database and produce the next "I AM ELLINGTON" video series.

Please complete the form below. We will update your information and keep you abreast of news about Ellington, including exciting plans for our 50th anniversary, in 2024. We have much to celebrate!

We want to hear from you, our distinguished alumni! Please respond to the prompt, "I AM ELLINGTON" by creating a 30-60 second video, photo montage, etc., that represents what it meant to be an Ellington student and how it feels to be an Ellington alum. Please ensure that we can see and hear you clearly.

You can choose among a number of items to talk about, including your experience, fondest memories, Mike and Peggy, favorite song heard while changing classes, favorite staff members, favorite guest artist, favorite hallway/stairwell, favorite Georgetown eatery, what you learned from the CREED (COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, EMPOWERMENT, EXCELLENCE/EMPATHY, DIGNITY), where you are now, why Arts education is important to society, or your favorite Duke Ellington composition.

We promise to not share your contact information with any external organizations. By completing this form, you grant consent for us to use your "I Am Ellington" video for promotional/archival purposes only. Thank you for your continued support!

If you have issues sending any materials, please email communications@ellingtonarts.org with I AM ELLINGTON in the subject field. Thank you very much!

We Love You Madly!

Office of External Affairs and Ellington Alumni Association

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If you care to share, please tell us how you have used the principles of the CREED (COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, EMPOWERMENT, EXCELLENCE/EMPATHY, DIGNITY) in your daily life, personally and/or professionally.
I AM ELLINGTON - VIDEO: Please share your "I Am Ellington" video of 60 seconds or less.
I AM ELLINGTON - MESSAGE: If are not sending a video but would still like to participate, please write a brief message responding to the I AM ELLINGTON prompt.
HEADSHOT: Please share your headshot or photo of you that can be shared with your I AM ELLINGTON message on our social media and website!
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