Terminology Test Part 2 2016
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46. groups of four lines in a poem
47. protagonist
48. quotation at the beginnnig of a literary work suggestive of the theme
49. syntactic fluency
50. a work that makes fun of another by imitating some aspect of the writer's style
51. a form of reasoning in which two statements are made and a conclusion is drawn from them (i.e. micro, macro, thus: all tragedies end unhappily; Hamlet is a tragedy; Hamlet ends unhappily"
52. soliloquy
53. colloquialism
54. syndecdoche
55. a sentence using connecting words between clauses or sentences to show the relationship between them (i.e. I am tired because it is hot.)
56. sonnet
57. the continuation of meaning, without pause or break, from one line of poetry to the next
58. calling out to a god or goddess
59. rationaliztion
60. impressionism
61. a lament over someone's death
62. telegraphic sentence
63. in medias res
64. epic
65. transcendentalism
66. the associations and emotional overtones that are attached to a word or phrase
67. metonymy
68. syntactic permutation
69. allegory
70. idiom
71. pun
72. art of effective communication, especially persuasive discourse
73. anthropomorphism
74. rhyme scheme of ABBA-ABBA-CDE-CDE
75. respectful or courteous regard
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