Creative Production M.A /// Proposal Workshops
Our Creative Production M.A proposal workshops are an extension to our Virtual Open Days. During these online sessions, Richard Scott and Jon-Carlos Evans, our music and film M.A programme leads, will provide direction and guidance on how to approach your M.A project proposal ahead of submitting an application.

What do I need to submit my M.A project proposal?

Applicants must define a suitable project proposal at admissions stage, with a detailed learning plan and expected project outcomes giving a clear picture of where they’d like to be upon completion. Along with the taught component, this proposal and learning plan will form the basis of a study contract between the student and project mentor which will be developed and refined throughout the first period of study.

Unlike other M.A programmes, our Creative Production M.A programme provides a flexible framework for negotiated and self-directed learning. The programme's highly flexible nature encourages and challenges each student in seeking new and innovative solutions to the concept that they put forth, whilst providing the spaces, technology and support needed to investigate with rigour.

As Creative Production is as broad a term as the possible topics that can be explored, we invite you to join our online workshop to narrow down your ideas and gain a better understanding of what you can submit to get started.

Upcoming M.A proposal workshops (Berlin local time):

1. Music and Film - Thursday, 11th of February at 4:00 PM
2. Film only - Thursday, 22nd of April at 4:00 PM

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to

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