Exploring how language is used in the climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction domains
As a result of the different lenses and approaches applied to the fields of climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) research and practice, it is often the case that the same terminology is used to mean different things.

The PLACARD project (http://www.placard-network.eu/) aims to strengthen institutional collaboration within the CCA and DRR fields by raising awareness about the way in which the same terms are used differently in each community, and how this way of thinking impacts their priorities, their identification of stakeholders, the actions they take, and the potential for collaboration. Highlighting and understanding these differences can provide insights into entry points for intervention and dialogue that can contribute to more coordinated and effective action.

The PLACARD project will produce some interactive, dynamic visualizations related to the domains of climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR). This could include information about who is doing what, and where, insights on how language is being used differently in each domain or simply what organizations and networks exist.

To help this process we would like input from experts working in both the CCA and DRR fields to share experiences about the use and application of such terms.

Please use a separate line in your response for EACH INDIVIDUAL word, term or phrase identified.
Please identify words, terms or phrases that you use in your CCA or DRR work that you think either have multiple meanings or where there exists confusion in their understanding across different disciplines. *
How do you use and understand these words, terms or phrases? Can you share your definition of each?
How do you think these words, terms or phrases are used or understood and defined in other/different contexts?
What impact do you think this difference in understanding has, or has had? Can you share any examples where the use of these particular words, terms or phrases has led to unintended consequences?
What kind of information you would find most useful to visualize and interact with and for what purpose?
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