Oooosh Fitness Stronger After Baby (July 2021)
Hi, thank you for your interest! Help us to get to know you better by providing some details and also to seek your agreement to our Stronger After Baby Class ("Class or Classes").

The aims of our Postnatal Programme are to

1. rebuild core strength from inside out,
2. prepare the body to safely return to exercise after baby, and
3. strengthen the body to reduce and eliminate common aches and pains.
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I have the following aches and pains, which is affecting my daily routines: *
I understand that the Classes will be conducted via Zoom, where all participants are required to show their video. Classes will be recorded for review and learning purposes. *
Classes are scheduled on Thursdays 1015am-1115am on the following dates: 15/7, 22/7, 29/7, 5/8, 12/8, 19/8. There shall be no postponement, cancellation or make up lessons. Special case or emergency will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with Oooosh Fitness having the final decision. *
I give Oooosh Fitness permission to use photographs and videos of me taken during our Classes, for promotional purposes on social media such as Oooosh Fitness website, Facebook page and Instagram account. *
I note that payment of $240 is due on 13 July 2021 via PayNow. (Details will be sent to you after submission of this form.) There shall be no cancellation or refund once payment is made. *
I hereby declare that I am in general good health and have no medical condition that would endanger my life while participating in the Classes, I responsible for my own medical insurance and will maintain that throughout the entire period of the Classes.
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Whilst reasonable precaution is taken by Oooosh Fitness (Luo Yingying) to ensure the safety of the participants, I understand that I take part in the Classes as a participant at my own risk. I confirm and agree that Oooosh Fitness (Luo Yingying) will not be held liable by me for any personal injury or death arising from my participation in the Classes or for any loss of or damage to my property arising from my participation in the Classes.
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