New Hawthorne Class Lists Form
* Form updated Oct 2 to incluce Nancy. Sorry!

Hi Hawthorne Parents!

We are trying to create the new class lists for Parent Council email updates but due to privacy issues we cannot get the new lists from Tracey or the teachers. 😢

To continue hearing from us, please help us out by filling out this form—one for each child enrolled at Hawthorne or Virtual School. This will help us create the NEW 2020–21 class lists more quickly and we will be able to assign the appropriate class rep.

You will not need to enter any contact information into this form (yay!). We just need to figure out who is in which class and all relevant information will follow. Only one parent needs to complete the form, but you will need to repeat it for every child. Please fill out the form by Friday October 16, 2020.

Thanks so much!
❤️ Parent Council
1. What is the first name of your child? *
2. Who is your child's teacher THIS year (or are they in Virtual School)? *
3. What grade is your child in? *
4. And finally, who was your child's teacher LAST year (2019-2020)? *
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