Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate?
Can you decipher whether these mysterious substances or processes are involved in coffee, tea, or chocolate?
Theobroma cacao is a small tree that bears its flowers and fruits on its main trunk as well as on the branches. The fruits are pods containing a mass of beans. What popular flavoring is produced from these beans?
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Coffea arabica is a tree cultivated for its beans which are used to make coffee. Which of the following is used during the process of making the raw coffee beans ready for preparing a cup of coffee? (select all that apply)
Is the photo below an image of coffee, tea, or chocolate placed under a microscope and magnified 500 times?
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Caffeine is an alkaloid and acts in the body as a mild stimulant. In which of the following is it present? (select all that apply)
Camelia sinensis is a small tree that is generally grown as a bush. For which of the following is its leaves are harvested and used?
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Caffeine found in coffee, tea, chocolate and soda affects normal chemical reactions in the cells of the body. Which of the following organs is affected by caffeine? (select all that apply)
Tannin is tannic acid, an organic chemical that in very large amounts can cause liver damage. Which of the following contains tannin?
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