Dardanelle Intermediate School Climate Survey 2019-2020 School Year - Parental Input
Please read each statement carefully, and indicate the one answer that most closely fits your opinion.

The Leadership Team appreciates you taking the time to do the survey.

1. This school building and property is clean and well maintained. *
2. The Intermediate School is a safe place for my child. *
3. I feel comfortable talking with the staff at the Intermediate School *
4. I am well-informed about how my child is doing at this school. *
5. I feel welcome at Dardanelle Intermediate. *
6. The adults working at this school promptly responds to my phone calls, messages or e-mails in 2 business days or less. *
7. Adults who work at this school take parent concerns seriously. *
8. Adults who work at this school have built a strong relationship with my child. *
9. Adults at this school seem to really care about my child. *
10. The academic needs of students are met at this school. *
11. Adults at this school encourages me to be an active partner in the education of my child. *
12. The teacher(s) at this school communicate with parents about what students are expected to learn in class. *
13. Expectations for student behavior at this school are reasonable. *
14. Indicate the things that any adult related to your child has done this school year - check all that applies *
15. What do you like about our school?
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16. What do you wish were different at our school?
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