Ice Hockey Form 2018
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- Campers must bring FULL equipment (mouth guards are mandatory)
- Jockstrap
- Shin Pads
- Hockey Socks
- Hockey Pants
- Skates
- Elbow Pads
- Shoulder Pads
- Jersey
- Neck Guard
- Hockey Gloves
- Helmet (cage)
- Mouth Guard
- Stick
- Change of Clothes

- Price: $300.00 flat fee (players and goalies)

- Age: 5-15 year old campers

- Ice-time: Players will receive 12-16 hours of ice time throughout the week.

- Coaches:

We are fortunate to have a fantastic group of young and experienced coaches, who have compiled a significant amount of minor hockey coaching experience!

Our coaches have worked with players at both the single letter and double letter level, and specialize in player development.

- Referees & Scorekeepers:

SportLife will also have Level 3 referees to add to the professionalism of each game. Scorekeepers will also be present for pre-season, regular season and playoff games.

- GoPro

Players will get the opportunity to use a GoPro camera. The GoPro is a specially designed action camera that captures the perspective of the player. Footage will be shown during our award ceremony on Friday.

For more information, visit:

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