Questionnaire regarding the employability of graduates and identifying the needs of consultancy of the business environment


West University of Timisoara (as Beneficiary) and Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas (Kaunas, Lithuania) and Universita Degli Studi di Messina (Italy) - as partners, is implementing the strategic partnership Erasmus + "Connection Between Accounting Research, education and the Employers' Needs Within the European framework ".

The purpose of this project is to promote cooperation between partners from education and research in the accounting field, according to the needs of employers in Europe and supporting the development of innovative techniques of teaching and learning throughout life and improving pedagogical approaches.

Through the implementation of the project, it is aimed to increase employability of graduates, but also to provide a specialized professional training before they apply for a new job in order to ensure success to the transition from school to work.

Thank you for your support in completing this questionnaire, for which we estimate 15 minutes completion time.

The project implementation team,

Ovidiu Bunget / Valdone Darškuvienė / Gustavo Barresi