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The Asexual is a quarterly journal of writing and art by ace authors. If you are interested in including your work in an upcoming journal issue, check out the full submission guidelines and theme descriptions at the link below. If you are here to submit your work, please fill out the following form. You will likely receive a response updating you on the status of your submission approximately 1-5 days after the deadline date has passed.

For full submission guidelines visit:

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You may submit under a pseudonym if you wish.
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This may include your location, how you identify, previous publications, education, any social media links or website links you would like to share, and more.
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If you are submitting an essay(s), poem(s), or other text submissions, please skip this step. If you are submitting visual artwork, or any other non-text submission, please include a short (150-250 words) description of your piece in 1st person. Example: "I created this piece because..." "This piece represents...." etc.
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Upload your submission here. The Asexual accepts submissions in Microsoft Word, PDF, and widely-used image (.jpg, .png, etc.) or video file format (.avi, .mov, etc.) The Asexual accepts non-English submissions.
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