Reflective Exercise-1
As per notification completion of reflective exercise is mandatory to be eligible for certificate. (Please use the same email id which was used in registration)
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Please share on how you will attempt to make NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION as part of YOUR DAILY HABITS. *
Try to revisit a situation where you were indulged in a fight with your friend. It was a bitter experience. Now that you have tried to understand the nuances of nonviolent communication, reflect on how you could have handled the situation. *
Think of a person who might have hurt with her/his actions. Think of the ways they might have met their needs without doing the action which hurt you. Can you think of how you would convey these options to the person? *
Each one of us has our likes and dislikes. There might be number of persons whom may not like. Think of one such person whose image in your mind is like an enemy. However, now you wish to develop connection with that person. How will you turn the conflict with the person into a connection and build bridges? *
Mahatma Gandhi had said, “When we channel electricity intelligently, we can use it to improve our life, but if we abuse it, we could die. So as with electricity, we must learn to use anger wisely for the good of humanity.” Each one of us gets angry at some of point of time or the other. How do you think you can manage your anger effectively? *
How do you think the habit of expressing gratitude change your life? *
You are part of a team engaged in social change. Put together a framework of how will you introduce NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION amongst team members so that there is greater engagement and efficiency. *
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