Hard Enamel Animal Pin Preorders
►This is a PREORDER! Once a pin reaches their needed preorder numbers, it can be ordered!

But Temrin, What about Covid19? Yes, things are crazy right now. Preorders are just interest checks. No one will be invoiced until we reach the number needed to put in the order. I expect that it will be slow to reach those numbers right now, and everyone will get a notice to let them know whats up, when things become order-able, etc.

►ORDERING 1 PIN/First Pin:

$30CAD(~$21USD)/Pin includes shipping to USA/CAD

$40CAD/Pin for International Shipping


►ORDERING EXTRA PINS (After the first pin):

$17CAD(~$12USD)/Pin (Up to 4)

(More than 4, you will get a separate quote as the weight will start affecting shipping cost.)


►Current Order Numbers:

Zebra: 9/20
Lemur: 4/20
Hyena: 10/20
Fox: 8/20
Tiger: 7/20
Armadillo: 7/20
Bee: 5/20
Badger: 6/20
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You understand that this is a PREORDER FORM, and not something ready to ship. You will be invoiced through PayPal separately ONLY once a pin is ready to be ordered and will be kept in the loop via email about when to expect packages to ship.
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