Monash University GMCC 2018 Registration Form
Please ensure that you have read through the rules and conditions of the competition. These can be found in the apply section above the registration links on the website. Please note registrations close on the 3rd of August (Friday).

Key Dates:
Workshop: 1st of August (Wednesday)
Case Release: 1st of August (Wednesday)
Registrations Close: 3rd of August (Friday)
Case Submission: 8th of August (Wednesday)
Screening Completed and Announced: 10th of August (Friday)
Campus Heats and Finals: 13th of August (Monday)

GMCC Extended Case Released for Campus Winners: August 14th (Tuesday)

Grand Final Case Submission: 21st of August (Tuesday)
Grand Final: 22nd of August (Wednesday)

A.T. Kearney Assessment Centre: 23rd of August (Thursday)

All submissions must be submitted through to:

*Please include both your name and student number
*If you wish to enter as an individual and be placed into a team please fill out one of the student's details and leave the word 'individual' under the Team Name section.
*Please submit N/A if the section is not relevant to your team.

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