Wellness Program 2019
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In order to provide the best continuing care possible, Third Coast Equine and Dr. Janelle Tirrell, DVM offer the 2019 Wellness Program. Designed to take into consideration the individual needs of horses and owners, and mindful of the budget, the program is easily customizable and provides a payment plan in addition to a discount for pre-payment.
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Next, tell me a little about yourself and your horse. Do you board at a barn? Will others join in? I offer special discounts for multiple owner situations. Does your horse need something extra, like blood-work or sheath cleaning? Let me know and I can help you budget those extra costs, too! Are there better days for you to schedule appointments? Let me know!
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Last, but not least, please agree to the terms and conditions below, before submitting this form. If you have any questions, please direct them to jdtirrell@gmail.com. Registration for the 2019 year closes at midnight on March 15th. Payment in full will be due at your spring appointment. Payment in full does not include “extras” above and beyond the plan offerings.
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· I understand that the cost of the Wellness Program must be paid in full at the time of the first visit and all program fees are nonrefundable.· I understand the Wellness Program offerings cannot be customized and coverage starts at the date of purchase and ends on December 31, 2019.· I understand that 2 farm calls per calendar year are included in the program.· I understand that pregnant mares, mares with foals at their side and horses under one year of age are not eligible for the program.· If I request other vaccinations and services, I understand that they are available, but at an additional fee.· If my horse should require additional sedation and/or more extensive dental work than would be considered routine by the doctor, I accept the extra charge at the time the dental prophylaxis is performed.· If my horse requires follow-up emergency care treatment, I understand that I must pay Third Coast Equine LLC in full at the time of the follow up visit to receive the waived farm call.· I understand that if I enroll additional horses, they must be at the same location at time services are rendered or an additional farm call may be charged.I have read and understand all the aspects of the Wellness Program as provided by Third Coast Equine, LLC.
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