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Hello everyone!
The UCF student chapter ASCE is excited to match up everyone with a fantastic Mentor. Our ASCE East Central Branch (AKA the adult chapter) has shown interest in mentoring our students. That means you will be directly connected with a professional out in the industry. However, they want to see that we are just as excited. Please fill out this survey so we can find good matches for mentors and mentees. It is kind of lengthy, but it's definitely worth filling out completely (however there are some questions you can leave blank if you are uncomfortable answering). If we get enough involvement, we can get everyone both a student and professional mentor!
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What ASCE Officer position interests you most as something you want to try to run for in the future?
What is the #1 thing that you want to gain from this experience?
What are your future goals (career/academic)? What are you hoping to do with your degree?
Where's your hometown (Out of state?)?
Which do would you most likely be doing on a Friday night? *
Do you plan on going to the football games? *
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General Body Meetings
Community Service
Steel Bridge
Concrete Canoe
What sports, if any, do you like?
What's your favorite TV show?
List any upperclassmen that you find interesting or would like to know better... Remember this is not a guarantee.
How much attention are you looking to give or get? *
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