MFC Membership Application
Membership in the Memphis Feminist Collective is determined by providing the appropriate contact information, a formal agreement to adhere to group guidelines, and an acknowledgement of shared principles and values. At this time, MFC membership is open to all women and/or transgender/GNC individuals. Members of MFC are entitled to an opportunity to vote on Collective proposals, nominate committee members, be invited to members-only spaces and events, and formally participate in organizational events. Members must be either full or part-time residents of Memphis or the surrounding area.

We ask for an annual, sliding scale-determined donation of $0-25, which is based on the honor system. This can be sent to our PayPal at

MFC is committed to maintaining the radical values and drive towards collective liberation espoused by members since our founding in 2014. We are driven towards combatting oppression through revolutionary means and unity with local organizations who share our goals.


MFC does not condone any of the following:

Ableism (including addict shaming)
Fat-phobia or any body-shaming
Grammar policing
Tone policing
Shaming or evangelizing religious/spiritual preferences or the lack thereof
Transphobia/GNC-phobia (including language exclusive of genders outside the prescribed binary)

Any breach of this guideline will result in a call-in (with the intent to build up rather than ridicule), and the member responsible will be given a gentle opportunity to learn and apologize, thus strengthening and providing an educational opportunity for the Collective as a whole. Further addressing may result if the member continues to perpetuate damage. We believe that anti-feminist thought and behavior isn’t borne of ignorance, but an intentional conditioning by toxic elements of our culture, and we strive to address these instances in a way that evolves our understanding of the effects of our actions and reinforces our unity.

Respecting our Collective Voice and Individual Autonomy

Individual members of MFC do not speak on behalf of the Collective in any capacity. Public statements are issued by the Social Media and Community Relations Committees. Any kind of speaking, email correspondence, social media posts, text exchanges, or any other form of communication should reflect either the officially stated stance of the Collective or the personal opinion to which each individual is entitled. Individual members must not be condemned within MFC for personal views that do not conflict with our shared values and principles.

“We must love and support one another”

We insist upon the practice of regular, intentional, and sustainable self-care and self-evaluation for our members. We must not push ourselves beyond their means, but recognize a responsibility to ourselves and our community to seek health and healing. We are adamant about not shaming members for stepping back and taking breaks. We seek to cultivate an environment that encourages members to be open and honest with themselves and other members about struggles and limitations. There is no tolerance for ableism, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. We encourage members to reach out to others and share mutual validation, encouragement, and healing, in a way that is not coercive and condescending, but supportive and patient.


While it is not the fault of any individual that they are equipped with advantages, we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to be mindful of the privilege they inherited and to navigate the world accordingly.

In practice, this means that you may interact with those that experience a sort of oppression that doesn’t directly affect you. In these cases, their experiences may elicit a different emotional response than it would from someone who is personally removed. Being mindful of this means being careful not to police their emotional response, and also being careful not to dismiss their analysis based on their emotional response.

Also, when someone from a marginalized group is experiencing an aggression or microaggression (whether intentional or not), those who aren’t directly affected have a responsibility to not let marginalized folks carry the burden of calling-in and educating. This intervention is not to be done at the experience of their autonomy. There are fine lines and situations of varying nuance, and there is no way to avoid making missteps. But it is our duty to be cognizant of the way our presence and actions affect others.


Outside of physical, mental, and emotional limitations, MFC members will strive to be involved in Collective activity in whatever capacity they are comfortable and capable. This includes anything from taking on organizational roles, to self-education, to being part of the decision-making process. All engagement that moves us forward in the struggle against patriarchy is important and valued.


We must respect our members’ right to privacy. If something is shared in our spaces that explicitly demand confidentiality, it is our responsibility to not carry it outside of those spaces.

Agreement Form
I have read and agree with the group guidelines, and acknowledge that I adhere to the principles and values of the Memphis Feminist Collective. I am a resident (either full-time or part-time) of Memphis or the surrounding area. I will strive to contribute to the best of my ability insofar as it does not conflict with my health and well-being.
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