We Support Refugees and Entrants
(The following sign on statement will be distributed to the appropriate members of the Florida House of Representatives,  the Florida Senate and the Governor. It will also be shared with press at the appropriate time.  Since this issue is a moving target, we intentionally designed this statement of support to be used where needed in the 2017 Legislative Session.)

As civic, community, and business leaders from throughout the state, we support refugee resettlement and the state’s refugee and Cuban/Haitian entrants program. The state's welcoming spirit is central to our identity. Supporting those who flee persecution and violence, and seek freedom and a new life in our great state reflects our American values of welcome, compassion, and opportunity.

We have partnered with local refugee resettlement agencies, refugee families, or the state programs that try to help recently arrived refugees and entrants achieve self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives in safety. We see Floridians practicing their commitment to hospitality by welcoming refugee families, who, like all of us, want to work hard, send their children to school, and build new lives in safety.

Florida has a proud legacy of welcoming refugees and Cuban and Haitian entrants, serving as a beacon of hope for those seeking freedom. Refugees families resettled in our great state have fled violence, persecution, and unimaginable circumstances from around the world.  These families are incredibly resilient and they are making great contributions to our state.  In Florida, refugees are our co-workers, employees, neighbors, and friends. They are taxpayers, consumers, business owners, and leaders in a broad range of industries across the state. We celebrate Florida’s welcome of refugees, and we will continue to show moral courage and welcome those fleeing persecution.

We stand with Florida’s newest residents by affirming the importance of welcoming refugees. Let’s continue the state of Florida’s full implementation of the life-saving refugee resettlement and assistance program.

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