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What is WAKAZO?
Osaka, one of the biggest city in Japan has been trying to realize Osaka Expo 2025.
The theme of the Expo is "Design Future Society for Our Lives".

So many workers, governments, companies are working on Expo, but without youths' voice we cannot attain the theme, so we "WAKAZO" start project for youths over the world.
WAKAZO is trying to realize Osaka Expo 2025 and make the pavilions of the Expo with youths beyond the boarders.

*Osaka EXPO : http://www.expo2025-osaka-japan.jp/en/
*WAKAZO : http://wakazo-expo.com

We are now searching all around the world for a WAKAZO Ambassador who can help us create the expo through advertising or creating new ideas.

【Activities of the WAKAZO Ambassador 】
•Post ideas on WAKAZO website by application of this form
•Advertise WAKAZO project

And, we have some gifts for you if you are able to participate!!
【Our history】
WAKAZO 0.0 (2016/12/23-2017/5/17)
Inochi student’s project(the matrix of WAKAZO) submitted【EXPO 2025 in Osaka, 100 proposals from youths】to Osaka prefectural governor.

WAKAZO 1.0 (2017/5/17-2017/11/23)
We set up the idea posting website for EXPO, and our two projects were released. 
(WAKAZO.ONLINE https://wakazo-online.com/)
Not only all over Japan, but also all over the world, we held the workshops for youths to gather the ideas of EXPO 2025.
To find young talents who help to realize our pavilion, we held the creative competition (illustration, performance, English speech, digital creative, architecture and movie). The prize from Osaka prefectural governor went to the best performers.

WAKAZO 2.0 (2017/11/23-2018/3/8)
We had 15 minutes to give the presentation to Enquiry Mission from Bureau International des Expositions(BIE) on 8th March 2018. Then we showed the architectural model of WAKAZO pavilion which was made by the winner of the creative competition, our introducing movie and the problem-solving product for healthcare.
contact: info@wakazo-online.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wakazo.online/

About You
These infos will be posted on WAKAZO website and official 2025 Japan World Expo Committee Secretariat website. These website shows your idea belonging to you, and ideas will be a part of vision of WAKAZO pavilion.
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Who invites you
Idea posting site for OSAKA EXPO
We are now making a new website which is going to be a platform of ideas from all over the world . The aim is to realize that our pavilion consists of those ideas. This website will let ideas interact with each other and be more sophisticated, which will eventually lead to creation of better ideas.
Ideas based on SDGs
SDGs, being the groundwork of the social problem-solutions since 2016 to 2030, will play the important role at the implementation of WAKAZO pavilion. We'd like to gather your ideas based on SDGs. Responsibly we will send your ideas to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Osaka Expo will be held at Yumeshima-island in Osaka. Yumeshima is artificial island, and through Expo days there will be "Peoples' Living Lab." Your ideas will come true at WAKAZO Pavilion in Osaka Expo. When Expo clothes, the world will be better and take a big leap to achieve SDGs.
Q1. What agenda in the SDGs are you interested in? *
Please choose ONE. If you have concern with more than one topics, please write it down at Q5.
Q2. Give the concrete idea on SDGs you picked above. [more than 144 characters] *
Please discuss the problem you or your country facing with and write down your solution. This idea will be posted on website.
Q3. Give your idea's title *
Q4. Give some additional informations on your idea.
Q5. If you have other interest in SDGs, please write down your ideas.
Q6. You can apply the lottery for gifts by posting your idea on the website above!!Choose the gifts below!!
Q7. Any comments or feedbacks for WAKAZO
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