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We want to hear from you! Please fill out these questions so we can all create the events and gatherings we want.
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ERC Women's Fellowship Manifesto
A few of us have been meeting over the past month, recreating and redesigning the Women's Fellowship. We want to expand what is offered, increase our connection, and create more ways we can gather and inspire one another to live lives that reflect our faith and love. We came up with a manifesto that summarizes what we envision for us all.
ERC Women's Fellowship Manifesto
Monthly Women's Potluck on the 4th Wednesday of the month
We've moved the gathering from the 4th Thursday night to the 4th Wednesday night. It will still be a potluck gatherings so we can all share a meal together. We will no longer be doing a book study on these nights. We will instead have a topic, craft or a themed night based on spiritual feasts and celebrations. We would like your input on the following points.

We will be recreating the email list for the Women's Fellowship, so please indicate below if you want to be on the new list.

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Book Studies
Wednesday night will no longer feature a book study. The reason for this is because not everyone who comes reads the book, so it makes it difficult to study the book in depth. Instead, we'd like to open up this idea so that a book study can be a short term break out session, like a book club, where women can sign up and go through a book together.
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Breakout Sessions
Another idea we had was to offer other gatherings to increase our connectedness to one another and to God. These would be outside the Wednesday monthly potlucks and would be led by a woman volunteer from the ERC, with a set time commitment. Below are listed a couple of the ideas, please let us know if your interest in these ideas, and give us some of your ideas!
Creative Spiritual Practices
There are many ways we can connect with God. He is with us throughout each day, and makes many promises to us regarding this truth. He's also present within us in the form of the Holy Spirit. There are many ancient practices of various types of prayer and meditation, as well as current practices that use art, music, and other tools to help us connect with God and one another. Sign up for this 8-week break out session and discover how to experience God's presence in a variety of different ways. The time/date will be set based on the input from those who are interested to choose the most optimal date/time. This will be led by Shawna Snow
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Prayer and Worship
Come to this smaller group setting with a focus on praying for one another and worshipping God with music and singing. The date/times will be set later as well as the duration of the break out session. This will be led by Je Hart.
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We also want to have retreats and one time events to celebrate what God is doing in our lives, connect more deeply, and to provide time/space for us to reflect on our lives. Indicate your interest with these types of events.
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If you've not been able to attend the monthly gatherings, or other events, we'd like to hear from you as to what is keeping you from coming. Please let us know how we can create gatherings that better fit your needs.
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Thank you for your input! We look forward to seeing you at the launch on 17 March.
This is a women's event where we will be exploring new ideas and sharing a meal together as we celebrate all God has provided for us and our desire to share with one another.
I'll be attending the 17 March potluck and will bring a dish to share. *
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