Moisture Festival Artist Application 2018
If you are interested in performing in the 2018 Moisture Festival, please fill out the following application. Even if you have performed at the Moisture Festival in the past, we need your current contact information, availability, and information about the act(s) you wish to perform.

Please note that we consider a Solo act to be a single performer. If your act requires more than one person, on-stage or off, please indicate that you are a Group act and include everyone in the Group Details section of the application. Any additional members not mentioned in this application will not be eligible for transportation, housing, or shares.
If you are a member of a group who also wants to perform solo, the group's contact person should fill out an application for the group, and each group member who wants to perform solo should fill out their own solo application.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and your desire to precipitate!

About You:
Performer Name / Stage Name *
Please use the name you want to be filed under in Moisture Festival's performer database and provide the spelling you wish to appear in publication. If you are applying for a group, please use the group's name and make sure to include all group members in the group details section.
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Applicant's Legal Name:
FIRST Name *
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LAST Name *
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Preferred Name *
Please provide your preferred name for festival communication.
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Are you eligible to work in the United States? *
Email Address *
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Cell Phone Number *
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Additional Contact Numbers (Home, Office, Skype, etc: Please Specify)
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Website URL (if you have one) Note that you have to use the format http://www.
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About Your Act:
Are you a Solo or Group act? *
A solo act is a single performer. If your act involves more than one person, whether or not they appear on stage, and whether or not they are a musician supporting the central act, please choose “group.”
What type of act(s) are you submitting to the festival? Please check all that apply.
Moisture Festival has multiple booking teams dedicated to the different genres of talent presented on stage. You may hear from one booking team, or you may be contacted by more than one. Please check only the genres that apply to your act to ensure that your application is seen by the correct people.
(Only experienced burlesque performers please.)
(Only experienced hosts please.)
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